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Common problems

1, polyethylene blow molding common ills and their solutions
1, thin film surface was cloudy
Reason: Masterbatch fill more masterbatch dispersion is poor, too fast screw extrusion, extrusion screw temperature is too high or too low, the nose temperature is too high or too low.
The solution: an appropriate reduced speed, adjustment screw cooling water temperature, adjust the nose temperature. Masterbatch filler content to reduce and improve the pigment masterbatch dispersion.
2, bubble pipe rupture
Reason: Color Masterbatch contains impurities, Color Masterbatch has pores, Color Masterbatch coking of inorganic pigments.
The solution: improve the filter fineness, to strengthen masterbatch in the manufacture of filter to enhance mixing, Color Masterbatch, when out of the vacuum switch to organic pigments.
3, film flatness deviation
Reason: masterbatch containing more than filler.
Solution: reduce the amount of masterbatch in the filler.
4, thin film bag sealing well
Reason: masterbatch contains more wax.
Solution: reduce the masterbatch in the wax content of

Second, the masterbatch cast film applications and solutions common ills
1, cast film showed reticular formation
Reason: pigment content is too high, poor heat-resistant pigments and masterbatch have water.
The solution: reduce the district appropriate temperature, masterbatch be dry, choose the paint color, high strength, heat resistance, good color choice, strengthen hair, appropriately increasing the temperature.
2, cast film hiding bad
Reason: low content of titanium dioxide films
The solution: increase the amount of masterbatch to raise titanium dioxide masterbatch in the content, use of R-type titanium dioxide.
3, cast film colored spots
Reason: poor pigment dispersion
The solution: use a good pigment dispersion to enhance pigment grinding.
4, processing and smoke from time to time
Reason: masterbatch in the volatile multi -
The solution: reduce the extrusion temperature, the selection of high temperature dispersant.

Third, the Plastic Sheet masterbatch applications and solutions common ills
1, sheet showed cloudy
Reason: masterbatch dispersed evenly in the sheet, numerical processing temperature is low, the resin body temperature is too high.
The solution: increase barrel temperature, increase the die lip temperature, the lower barrel temperature, reduce the die lip temperature, increase the masterbatch dispersion.
2 sheets with vertical stripes
Reason: Masterbatch with impurities, impurities within the die lip.
The solution: to enhance filtration.
3, within the bubble sheet
Reason: Masterbatch with moisture, processing temperature is too high.
The solution: lower processing temperatures, masterbatch dry.

Fourth, application of masterbatch in the hollow molding problems and their solutions
1, there is chromatic aberration
Reason: masterbatch distributed air pressure blow bad enough masterbatch poor heat resistance.
The solution: improve the gas supply pressure, appropriate to reduce the temperature in various districts to improve Masterbatch carrier MI, with a good heat-resistant paint.
2, colored-point
Reason: poor masterbatch dispersion resin plasticization bad.
The solution: improve the filter fineness, to improve molding temperature, improve pigment dispersion.

5, masterbatch for molded foam products have problems and their solutions
1, color light
Reason: pigment content is low, poor heat-resistant paint.
The solution: increase the masterbatch pigment content, the election in line with resistance to 180 íŠ, 30min pigment.
2, pore
Reason: pigment granules large, raw material impurities, Color Masterbatch has impurities, carrier incompatibility.
The solution: one by one checking raw materials, improve pigment dispersion, masterbatch manufacturing to strengthen filter for compatibility of resin.
3, foam size of instability
Reason: pigment crystal structure
The solution: increase the amount of blowing agent to improve foaming temperature, switching to new varieties of paint.

6, masterbatch injection caused the problems and their solutions
1, good gloss
Reason: low temperature outside the nozzle, forming a long cycle, titanium dioxide masterbatch in many poor dispersion of the pigment masterbatch.
The solution: increase the nozzle temperature, shorten the molding cycle. Reduction of titanium dioxide masterbatch in the increase in the pigment masterbatch dispersion.
2, color unevenly
Reason: feed cylinder temperatures are high, forming a long cycle and resin compatibility is bad.
The solution: reduce the material cylinder temperature, using a good carrier compatibility.

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